knowing others is intelligence
knowing yourself is true wisdom

Facilitator of Personal Truth


Are You ready to return home to yourself
and what's true for you?


The Truth of Me

The Middle Way


An intimate space to be seen, heard, and guided to truth.
Ali offers clarity and guidance on clearing belief systems and filters that keeps us from being our truest expression. Using self-awareness, self-compassion and self-regulation she will support you in realizing what is true for you, how to live an aligned life and stepping into the potential of you.

Alicia is known as an entrepreneur, leader and mentor with a passion for conscious business. Committed to supporting humanity in awakening to its true potential through clearing, leaning into truth and awareness. Alicia uses her life experiences of business, personal-development and self-inquiry to support conscious leaders in stepping into their truth and pioneering a new way of doing business and life.
If you are looking to change your journey from one of suffering and stress to one of surrender and truth than this is the space for you.

& collaborations


& collaborations



& Collaborations

12+ years as business owner across different industries
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Developmental Coaching
Mindfulness facilitator
Quantum Coach
Immersion Trip Facilitator
Enneagram Facilitator

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Freedom Sessions

1:1 session for individuals wanting freedom from the constructs of the mind

Ali provides a sacred space for whatever arises in the moment to explore how you are keeping yourself from the potential of you and your true freedom.

1 hour session via zoom or phone with
1/2 hour follow up session

6 x 1:1 Clarity sessions fortnightly over 12 weeks

Find Clarity and direction

Get to the Heart of an issue

solve a problem

Feel in control 


"Freedom is an inside Job"

The Truth of Me Sessions

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.’
Ralph Waldo Emerson

In three sessions we will cover:

Your Enneagram personality type

How and why the personality is created

What is the ego and how it keeps you occupied

Discover your "me" space

Clear old beliefs that are no longer serving you

On Behalf of:

Learning your personality types healing attributes and gifts.

Uncovering beliefs that no longer serve you

Understanding how your personality impacts your relationship with others

Cultivating awareness in your daily life

A PATH for your own awakening and continued spiritual growth

Learning to witness the personality 


discover the truth of you

The Middle Way

Mentoring for Business Owners

This is a unique opportunity to work with not one but two great mentors to guide you in finding balance for yourself and efficiency in your business.

Ali will work with you on the inner game, how you do you and your business. Jodi will work with you on the outer game, the business mechanics and strategy bringing zest and adventure to your business so you can master how to live boldly not busy. 

For business Owners wanting:

to Break cycles and old patterns to show up in life and business as their best self.

To thrive in both their personal life and business

To recalibrate and find the love for what they do again

To develop self and become better leaders 

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"You are the greatest project you will ever work on”

What they say

My life changed after you helped me start my journey with Clarity will always be thankful that you came along when I was ready to do the work xxx the questions you asked transformed my life .

- kim


What They Say

Alicia Cameron is amazing at these.. ive recently had 2 sessions and the internal shifts that took place for me was literally decades of structures being held that no longer served me!
If your looking for a deeper, more profound perspective then a session with Ali could very well be the internal adjustment you need.

- Fabien

What They Say

I too have had a session with Ali, highly recommend! It was confronting and at times uncomfortable, but Ali guided me with honesty & kindness. I describe the feeling after the session as a “self levelling”, literally as the dust settled I emerged with more clarity around things I am working on. Also with a little homework to continue my journey so worth it!

- Jodi Frizzel

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